The Earth Needs More Elf Fans: Commercial

Animation for a Rings of Power promo spot called The Earth Needs More Elf Fans

Doctor Strange Tide: Commercial

Animation for a Marvel Tide commercial

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Animation for a Marvel Roller Coaster commercial

Meta Quest Super Bowl Commercial

Animation for a Meta Quest Horizon Worlds commercial

Headspace – Mindful Eating


Call of Duty: Black Ops III Commercial

Previs for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Trailer

Energizer Bunny

Previs for an Energizer Commercial

Mario Odyssey Commercial

Previs for the Mario Odyssey commercial

The Great Happyfication

After spending a couple of years working on confidential projects it’s refreshing to have worked on something I can talk about again. I’m writing this after returning to Austin, after spending a couple of months in Los Angeles. I got the call to work at Psyop and when I found it was going to be on Happiness Factory I couldn’t have been… happier. Ironically another job option came up at the same time (why do they always come along at the same time?). Anyway, this was the best fit and I pulled out all the stops to get to LA to work on this.

Rock Band 2: Cinematic

I started at Passion Pictures and I was working on a really cool project which gave me plenty of room to flex my film making and animation skills. I'm a huge fan of the various styles of Passion Pictures portfolio and a few of my friends from MPC made the move too for various other projects, so it was fun. The first Rock Band cinematic was very...

Singapore Navy: Be Somebody

This Television advert for the Singapore Navy was an interesting piece of work. The brief was; the buildings come to life and head out to sea to engage in battle with office themed projectiles, we then cut back to a man waking up in his office before we see the tag lines.


Animation for the CW TV Series

Pokemon Sun & Moon Commercial

Previs for the Mario Odyssey commercial

Volkswagon Illustrated Commercial

Previs Supervisor for Car Commercial

Devils, Angels & Dating: Trailer

During the development of 'Devils, Angels & Dating' I knew it was going to be very important to create a strong trailer to attract talent to work on the project. So the trailer was planned out early in the process. Storyboards from the film were cut together and a score was created so that we could plan around those shots getting done first. It was updated almost as often as the main film itself so that the team could see how it was coming along. It was completed about six months ahead of the completion of the final film.


I was an Animation Director for the company and did a little character design and rigging supervision in the early stages of production.

Skylanders Giants: Trailer

This trailer was updated and had some new shots added after we completed the main cinematics for the game.

Volkswagon Emoji Commercial

Previs Supervisor for Car Commercial

Green Team – Mobile Rebates

Commercial / Product Demo HEROmation Director (Visuals) 2013 / 2014 Storyboards 59748 0 59748 0 59748 0 59748 0 59748 0 59748 0 60732 0 60732 0 60732 0 60732 0 60732 0 60732 0 60732 0 Storyboards and Previs Copyright © Green Team Energy 2014

Skylanders: Swap Force

This was a super quick project. I came in as a new animator at Logan in Los Angeles and found myself working on my third Skylanders project. I was assigned two of the most fun shots with Skylanders' biggest re-occurring series favorite character, Kaos. I worked, primarily on ...

Rock Band 2: Teaser

Part of the same project to work on the cinematic for Rockband 2, this teaser presented some unique challenges. It's much shorter than the cinematic and the second half is all new shots. It was a combination of ...

Churchill Insurance

At a time when Glasswork's in-house animator was busy on another project I was brought in as a Freelancer to handle half of the new batch of Churchill adverts. Only two and a half weeks, this one. I setup the shots and animated the Churchill dog for two adverts. There was actually a total of four to do but Alastair handled the other two.

Microsoft HoloLens – Previs

Previsualization for Microsoft's HoloLens

Tenkai Knights: Website Intro

I'd worked with the client a couple of times before for some pitches, and this interactive website was one of the ones that got commissioned. I was able to work from home, which made for a nice change. There was a good number of ...

Vodafone: Texts UNLTD

Back to Passion Pictures again, and I did the previs on this advert for Vodafone involving shot setup and... a lot of dominos! Julian was handling the tech side of the dominos and I gave him feedback on the new tools.

Ark VFX: Company Reel

I edited together two new showreels for Ark VFX, one short Teaser Reel and one longer Professional Reel. The main idea behind these was to show the breadth of Ark's portfolio whilst leaning it more in the direction of the character animation work they'd done but hadn't shown much of up to this point.

Ark VFX: Company Teaser

I edited together two new showreels for Ark VFX, one short Teaser Reel and one longer Professional Reel.

Renault Megane Sport

A last minute move to London, started with about three weeks working on this 'Pod Racer' style advert at MPC. It was a fast schedule and the advert was on air five weeks after I started on it, which is a really fast turn around the team can be very proud of. There's nothing particularly complex in the animation but the results were good, and the people I worked with were great. I did most the work on the spark plug and wheel shots moving through the corridors.

Toyota Auris: More Room for Life

I spent a week pre-visualising how the little people would work in the car's interior space. The results may look quite simple but it was surprisingly tricky finding natural ways to make each scenario work.

Perfect Dark Zero: Walk through trailer

This is an edit I made for promotional purposes. It highlights a co-operative walk through of a level.

Perfect Dark Zero: DLC Trailer

This short edit shows off the new multi-player levels you can download online. It was based on the title movie used as the attract mode in the game. The music from this and the general format guided my edits as I laid various key shots over the top and integrated them using a number of techniques to make them feel like they were originally designed to be there.

Kameo: Attract Mode Trailer

Here it is, the last of my Kameo edits. I've effectively had several dry runs at this particular format as you can see from the other videos on this website, so it wasn't a stretch to know exactly what was needed. I put together a plan on paper that highlighted all the major themes, features and scenes we wanted to cover...

Kameo: DLC Trailer

This short edit highlights the new demo and downloadable content for Kameo, including character skins and free online co-operative play. It presented an interesting challenge, featuring so much content in only 30 seconds and print so much text onscreen in so many languages.

Kameo: X04 Trailer

Not quite as powerful as the X03 teaser trailer, this version actually had an early version completely done before we looked at it and decided to completely re-plan it. There were certain points we wanted to get across that we needed to highlight. One of those elements was the ability to tackle any given situation in a number of different ways by choosing ...

Bud Light

This was a short project of only about fifteen days total. We had a small team and we knocked out ten to twenty previs commercials to give the advertising agency material to screen for testing purposes, before the choose which ones to shoot in live action. It was my first time working with Viewport 2.0 in Maya which was interesting and allowed for real-time lighting. It had it's limitations but it was ...

Kameo: X03 Trailer

This is my personal favourite Kameo trailer up to this point. I've done a number of these and this is the one where everything just came together to form something beautiful (well I think so, judge for yourself). I found myself with a one month deadline to pull something really special together.

Kameo: E3 Trailer

This early 'feel good' trailer was one of two videos released at the time (May 2003) featuring the same footage and music. This one was edited by me and was made available on the Rare website. It features a number of scenes that I worked on as an animator, that I'm still relatively pleased with.

Tenkai Knights: Product Demo

This is a test product demo for the Tenkai Knights toy. Later there were other toys given the same treatment to show how they can be constructed by the user.

Archer: Software Demo

During my last summer holiday as a University student I found a local company that built and sold video editing suits, they were also the UK distributors for a number of different pieces of software. I approached them, pitched some ideas and I was asked to do some animation for a video that would showcase and demonstrate the basics of an animation coloring system...

B.I.T. Commercial

This was really just a cheeky last minute request to do an advert for BIT (the same company that commissioned me to do the Archer demo). I used one of the characters (later to be nicknamed Polo) from the Archer piece ...