B.I.T. Commercial

Director / 2D Animator

This was really just a cheeky last minute request to do an advert for BIT (the same company that commissioned me to do the Archer demo). I used one of the characters (later to be nicknamed Polo) from the Archer piece to present the start and end of a company showreel. I never got to see it in use but I think it was going to be targeted for some stand alone screens/booths in public places around the country (pubs, leisure centre's etc...). It featured a quick piece of comic animation presenting the company logo and telephone number on a green screen so that it could be easily composited with the other material. It ended up being a favourite of mine for use in my own showreel, composited over other parts of of my reel. For a long time the "take" that Polo did was one of the best pure cartoon reactions I'd done. Obviously the giant brush was a homage to Daffy Ducks 'brush' with a real animator!

Projects starring Racket and Polo

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