The Phoenix Gene

VR Action Game / Experience and Book being developed for Quest 2, PCVR and PSVR 2.

Third Planet Problems

Animated Series Pitch

Cupid’s Apprentice

Feature Pitch

It’s a Squirrely Life

A wild holiday adventure that teaches the value of friendship, community, and responsibility. When all the nuts are stolen from the Oak Creek bank, George the squirrel feels guilty for leaving the vault open. If he doesn’t find the nuts, Christmas will be ruined. He goes on a journey to learn what forest life would be like without him and gets the courage to face the thief. It’s a nutty spin on the Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, great for kids ages 7+

Headspace – Mindful Eating


Maisey the Dragon

Animated Series Pitch

The Wrong Rock

Short Film

Eru and the Ghost Kingdom

Art Direction for Animated TV Series

Devils, Angels & Dating

In 2006 I started developing a short computer generated film called 'Devils, Angels and Dating'. This film was made with the internet in mind, fully aware of modern trends. I was inspired by modern dating trends and let those themes influence the core ideas behind the film.

The OceanMaker

I put in a few months of work on this short film. I was largely involved in the 3D filmmaking side of things, creating rough versions of shots, editing it together and figuring out what works to tell the story.

Napoleon: The Ticket

Michael Cawood helped Matt Berenty 'plus' the story, then came on board to implement the changes in Layout and Previs Animation.

Tales from the 4th Dimension

Story Consultantation & Illustration


Animation for the CW TV Series

Love from Mars

Story Consultantation & Illustration

Dragon and Boy: Character Design

Character designs by Michael Cawood for an animated TV series.

Devils, Angels & Dating: Trailer

During the development of 'Devils, Angels & Dating' I knew it was going to be very important to create a strong trailer to attract talent to work on the project. So the trailer was planned out early in the process. Storyboards from the film were cut together and a score was created so that we could plan around those shots getting done first. It was updated almost as often as the main film itself so that the team could see how it was coming along. It was completed about six months ahead of the completion of the final film.


I was an Animation Director for the company and did a little character design and rigging supervision in the early stages of production.

Kameo: Thorn Beats Kameo

There were plenty of animatics created that dug into the story elements of the game with characters that actually needed to have performances, but this was probably the first one that I made with full animation. Previous to this all the FMV work had been cheated comic book style (semi-animated) scenes or the evolve scenes that were more spectacle than performance...

Sam and the Secrets of the Universe

Story Consultant & Illustrator

Green Team – Mobile Rebates

Commercial / Product Demo HEROmation Director (Visuals) 2013 / 2014 Storyboards 59962 0 59962 0 59962 0 59962 0 59962 0 59962 0 60946 0 60946 0 60946 0 60946 0 60946 0 60946 0 60946 0 Storyboards and Previs Copyright © Green Team Energy 2014

Monkey King: Theme Park Attraction

This is a test piece of animation made to showcase a new version of a classic character. I was given the character model. After a few tweaks to the model, I rigged him and animated this short sequence of action in a tightly styled way. It was very quick turn around but good fun.

Pig Goat Banana Cricket: Storyboard

Storyboard test created for the animated TV series 'Pig Goat Banana Cricket'.

Satin: Character Design

Character designs and costumes by Michael Cawood for a pet project, code named 'Jayscott'.

Velcro: Character Design

Character designs and costumes by Michael Cawood for a pet project, code named 'Jayscott'.

Cupid: Character Design

Character designs by Michael Cawood, for Cupid in the short film 'Devils Angels & Dating'.

Kameo: End of Game

The magnum-opus of the entire game. This huge sequence had to top everything you'd seen, push the capabilities of Kameo beyond what you'd previously experienced, draw together numerous story threads, introduce a twist in the plot and give the player a satisfactory ending. It was developed towards the end of the game's development so was under pressure to be completed fast and there were other...

Costume Design

Costume designs by Michael Cawood, for a variety of projects including games, films and TV series.

Doorman: Character Design

Character designs by Michael Cawood, for a character that was ultimately not used in the short film 'Devils Angels & Dating'.

Kameo: Evolve Pummel Weed

All the Evolve scenes were very complex pieces that required a lot of R&D, but they presented fantastic opportunities to do something imaginative. The only rules were that it had to start with the baby monster and it had to transform into the adult monster, ideally through a method that reflected their elemental theme. I've included an earlier version of this Evolve cinematic developed for the original Xbox. I later decided to upgrade all the FMVs to HD resolution at the same time as changing the characters to match their new Xbox 360 designs.

Tenkai Knights: Website Intro

I'd worked with the client a couple of times before for some pitches, and this interactive website was one of the ones that got commissioned. I was able to work from home, which made for a nice change. There was a good number of ...

Banjo Kazooie: Character Design

Character designs, creatures, costumes and vehicles by Michael Cawood for a prototype XBox 360 game that was later cancelled, then later re-imaged as 'Nut's and Bolts'.

Panda Pander

Panda Pander gathered a few million hits at Crackle before they changed their format. After Two Face Tabby I didn't want to spend so long on my next project so I did some one off exercises to flesh out my showreel while I spent a few months developing the pre-production material for Panda Pander (working title "Shelf Life").

Parkour: Personal Project

I'd wanted to do something acrobatic like this since my University years but when Disney's Tarzan came out I opted not to do it as I figured it would be seen as a rip off, since then Spiderman has also achieved similar feats. Well, in 2007, I felt it was time to have a go anyway...

Ark VFX: Company Reel

I edited together two new showreels for Ark VFX, one short Teaser Reel and one longer Professional Reel. The main idea behind these was to show the breadth of Ark's portfolio whilst leaning it more in the direction of the character animation work they'd done but hadn't shown much of up to this point.

Ark VFX: Company Teaser

I edited together two new showreels for Ark VFX, one short Teaser Reel and one longer Professional Reel.

Perfect Dark Zero: Walk through trailer

This is an edit I made for promotional purposes. It highlights a co-operative walk through of a level.

Kameo: Attract Mode Trailer

Here it is, the last of my Kameo edits. I've effectively had several dry runs at this particular format as you can see from the other videos on this website, so it wasn't a stretch to know exactly what was needed. I put together a plan on paper that highlighted all the major themes, features and scenes we wanted to cover...

Kameo: DLC Trailer

This short edit highlights the new demo and downloadable content for Kameo, including character skins and free online co-operative play. It presented an interesting challenge, featuring so much content in only 30 seconds and print so much text onscreen in so many languages.

Kameo: Evolve Cloud Monster

This was one of the more imaginative characters in the game. Unfortunately after this cut-scene was finished the character proved too hard technically to implement in the game and we were beginning to realize we didn't need so many characters so he got the chop. But this scene was made available to view as an unlock-able extra (along with the animatic below) and featured in some of the early trailers for the game.

Kameo: Character Design

Character designs, sketches, creatures and costumes by Michael Cawood for Kameo: Elements of Power (XBox 360 Game).

Kameo: X04 Trailer

Not quite as powerful as the X03 teaser trailer, this version actually had an early version completely done before we looked at it and decided to completely re-plan it. There were certain points we wanted to get across that we needed to highlight. One of those elements was the ability to tackle any given situation in a number of different ways by choosing ...

Kameo: Evolve 40 Below

I originally created the Snowman Evolve scene with a more snowball like theme but as the character designs all changed this scene had to be updated as well. All the characters were generally made to look more detailed and aggressive, mostly through the addition of bumpy surfaces and spikes. In this particular case I actually preferred the original 'Snowman' design and I think he lost his snowball qualities in the update. So you can see both the final and the original versions here, along with the animatic I originally story-boarded below.

Kameo: X03 Trailer

This is my personal favourite Kameo trailer up to this point. I've done a number of these and this is the one where everything just came together to form something beautiful (well I think so, judge for yourself). I found myself with a one month deadline to pull something really special together.

Kameo: E3 Trailer

This early 'feel good' trailer was one of two videos released at the time (May 2003) featuring the same footage and music. This one was edited by me and was made available on the Rare website. It features a number of scenes that I worked on as an animator, that I'm still relatively pleased with.

Chester: Character Design

Character designs by Michael Cawood, for a company mascot.

Tenkai Knights: Product Demo

This is a test product demo for the Tenkai Knights toy. Later there were other toys given the same treatment to show how they can be constructed by the user.

Racket and Polo: Character Design

Character designs by Michael Cawood, for the Pandas in the short film 'Panda Pander'.

Two Face Tabby

This started with a mythical legend I researched that I have completely forgotten now. My old friend Scott helped me find it, he's good with things like that. The legend formed the basis for the story and provided the name of the beast: Fenrir. The I didn't make any attempt to retell the legend, I just borrowed the idea for the characters and formed my own story from them in a similar setting. My plan for this was ambitious so I never actually managed to completely finish it. Some of the scenes are lacking ...

Pagan: Character Design

Character designs by Michael Cawood for the Pagan character 'Two Face Tabby'.

Archer: Software Demo

During my last summer holiday as a University student I found a local company that built and sold video editing suits, they were also the UK distributors for a number of different pieces of software. I approached them, pitched some ideas and I was asked to do some animation for a video that would showcase and demonstrate the basics of an animation coloring system...