Napoleon: The Ticket

Previs / Layout

Napoleon: The Ticket - Layout

Napoleon Poster
Short Film
Story Consultant / Layout / Previs Artist

I worked with Matt Berenty on this short film. Matt created the original concept, assets, and first pass storyboards and layouts. I helped him 'plus' the story, then came on board to implement the changes in Layout and Previs Animation.

My goal here was to setup the characters, their relationship and the world. I added establishing shots and some scenes that setup what was to come from the horse being 'parked' then given a parking ticket. It was also about letting the audience know what Napoleon's relationship was like with the horse, how selfish he could be but how he loved his horse anyway, even if his pride wouldn't let him show it. It then added a few other gags like the bread stick for the sword, just to make Napoleon even more preposterous and followed through with a call back to the apple gag at the end giving the audience an additional reward. I've presented here the last version of the film I worked on. Essentially I worked on everything in the first 35 and last 25 seconds of this 1 minute 25 second edit. I also tweaked the editing of this version and refined the ripping paper shot. The film went on to further development after my involvement and dropped some of the gags we'd created in this version to make it shorter.

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