Sam and the Secrets of the Universe

Science Fiction Fantasy Novel
HEROmation / JPif Productions / JP Cawood
Illustrator / Story Consultant / Web Developer / Video Producer



Welcome to Monad, the first circuit planet of Havona. You are here to learn the most powerful secrets of the Universe. Should you fail the lessons of this first planet, you will be 'Reset' with no memories of this place, or your last life.

When fifteen-year-old Sam dies on Earth, he will do anything to keep his memories intact. When he is sucked into a black hole, he must face his anti-self in order to save all of existence. In his desperate quest to maintain his identity, he learns who he really is.

Michael Cawood worked with, writer, JP Cawood as a story consultant on her fictional book, "Sam and the Secrets of the Universe". He also worked on the book cover artwork, character designs, book trailer and the website.

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