The Earth Needs More Elf Fans: Commercial

Animation for a Rings of Power promo spot called The Earth Needs More Elf Fans

Meta Quest Super Bowl Commercial

Animation for a Meta Quest Horizon Worlds commercial

Third Planet Problems

Animated Series Pitch

Headspace – Mindful Eating


The Wrong Rock

Short Film

Devils, Angels & Dating

In 2006 I started developing a short computer generated film called 'Devils, Angels and Dating'. This film was made with the internet in mind, fully aware of modern trends. I was inspired by modern dating trends and let those themes influence the core ideas behind the film.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Commercial

Previs for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Trailer

Mario Odyssey Commercial

Previs for the Mario Odyssey commercial

Tales from the 4th Dimension

Story Consultantation & Illustration


Animation for the CW TV Series

Pokemon Sun & Moon Commercial

Previs for the Mario Odyssey commercial

Love from Mars

Story Consultantation & Illustration

Devils, Angels & Dating: Trailer

During the development of 'Devils, Angels & Dating' I knew it was going to be very important to create a strong trailer to attract talent to work on the project. So the trailer was planned out early in the process. Storyboards from the film were cut together and a score was created so that we could plan around those shots getting done first. It was updated almost as often as the main film itself so that the team could see how it was coming along. It was completed about six months ahead of the completion of the final film.

Sam and the Secrets of the Universe

Story Consultant & Illustrator

Red vs Blue: Season 10

I returned to Rooster Teeth for another stint on Red vs Blue, this time kicking off the new Maya department for Season 10. Previously Poser had been their primary 3D package and it was still in use for this season too, but it was becoming obvious that they'd need to develop a more widely adopted package for most things in order to expand the goals of the show. I headed up the initial stages of that, built up a team, techniques, tools, work flow etc...

Red vs Blue: Season 9

Red vs Blue is a spin off comedy web series created in and around the Halo game universe. Much of the footage is captured from the game itself with voices added, and that's how it started. But nine seasons later it's developed into ...

Rock Band 2: Teaser

Part of the same project to work on the cinematic for Rockband 2, this teaser presented some unique challenges. It's much shorter than the cinematic and the second half is all new shots. It was a combination of ...

Tenkai Knights: Website Intro

I'd worked with the client a couple of times before for some pitches, and this interactive website was one of the ones that got commissioned. I was able to work from home, which made for a nice change. There was a good number of ...

Ark VFX: Company Reel

I edited together two new showreels for Ark VFX, one short Teaser Reel and one longer Professional Reel. The main idea behind these was to show the breadth of Ark's portfolio whilst leaning it more in the direction of the character animation work they'd done but hadn't shown much of up to this point.

Ark VFX: Company Teaser

I edited together two new showreels for Ark VFX, one short Teaser Reel and one longer Professional Reel.

Perfect Dark Zero: Walk through trailer

This is an edit I made for promotional purposes. It highlights a co-operative walk through of a level.

Chester: Character Design

Character designs by Michael Cawood, for a company mascot.

Tenkai Knights: Product Demo

This is a test product demo for the Tenkai Knights toy. Later there were other toys given the same treatment to show how they can be constructed by the user.

B.I.T. Commercial

This was really just a cheeky last minute request to do an advert for BIT (the same company that commissioned me to do the Archer demo). I used one of the characters (later to be nicknamed Polo) from the Archer piece ...