Red vs Blue: Season 9

Web Series
Rooster Teeth
Animator / Rigger / Layout / Effects Artist

Red vs Blue is a spin off comedy web series created in and around the Halo game universe. Much of the footage is captured from the game itself with voices added... at least that's how it started. Nine seasons later it's developed into a hybrid CG animated / game captured series. I joined Rooster Teeth in August and found that they use every trick in the book to get the footage to the screen. It was very refreshing, we could use whatever tool was best for the job. It felt a lot like a games development house in its culture, but in many ways it was also a bit of a wild card and they would frequently make short films and commercials alongside their primary show, Red vs Blue.

They've attracted a huge cult following over the years. I wasn't really there long enough to do anything amazing, but I dove in and helped out with all kinds of tasks. Essentially helping them to reach their DVD deadline. The most curious thing about their pipeline was the use of Poser as their primary 3D software. We quickly found that it was going to be faster to adapt the pipeline to use Maya and I helped out in that process as well... although it did mean that not only did we have a season to finish in a month but we had to create an all new pipeline. There were a lot of corners cut, but the work got done.

You can see several episodes containing my work at the Rooster Teeth website from about Episode 11 onwards.

Layout and Effects

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