Panda Pander

Panda Pander gathered a few million hits at Crackle before they changed their format. After Two Face Tabby I didn't want to spend so long on my next project so I did some one off exercises to flesh out my showreel while I spent a few months developing the pre-production material for Panda Pander (working title "Shelf Life").

Racket and Polo: Character Design

Character designs by Michael Cawood, for the Pandas in the short film 'Panda Pander'.

Archer: Software Demo

During my last summer holiday as a University student I found a local company that built and sold video editing suits, they were also the UK distributors for a number of different pieces of software. I approached them, pitched some ideas and I was asked to do some animation for a video that would showcase and demonstrate the basics of an animation coloring system...

B.I.T. Commercial

This was really just a cheeky last minute request to do an advert for BIT (the same company that commissioned me to do the Archer demo). I used one of the characters (later to be nicknamed Polo) from the Archer piece ...