The Wrong Rock

It’s been a three year journey, but The Wrong Rock is finally online for the world to see. For me it was year full time, a year part time and a year on the festival circuit. Along the way we won Best Animated Short at the Burbank film Festival and Best Short Animation at the Davis Film Festival.

Hollywood Reporter on The Mummy Previs

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Ron Frankel and I about the work Proof did on The Mummy for the Zero-G sequence. Of course there was even more impressive work we did than just this sequence. I’d like to add that although the LA office kicked off the project, this was largely done by the talented Proof crew in the UK. This was an exciting project to be a part of. I saw the film in IMAX 3D and it’s a lot of fun! Read the full article here:

The Origins of a Man on a Mission

Devils started out in the skies between Sydney and London. I’d spent years trying to get into film after five years studying animation, followed by seven years working in games. Finally I got an opportunity to work on my first film for a meager four months or so in Australia. The risk I’d taken to walk away from my games job to do this seemed immense at the time, and it was meant to be the beginning of something big. But what I came back with wasn’t an incredible new reel or a foot in the door at a film studio, I wasn’t rich, and I hadn’t learned much more to further my animation skills. Instead I came back with an insight into how much further I had to go, how much harder I had to work, how much more I had to climb to get to where I wanted to be. But I also got a glimpse into how much competition there was and how far I’d fallen behind the curve. I’d left University at a level I felt was well above the norm… later in life you realize that’s how a lot of bright graduates feel only to be crushed by the real world. In my case, I’d […]