Devils Angels And Dating
Devils Angels And Dating
Devils Angels And Dating
Devils Angels And Dating

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Devils Angels And Dating
Devils Angels And Dating
Devils Angels And Dating
Devils Angels And Dating
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Devils Angles and Dating

Devils, Angels and Dating

"Devil wants Cupid's job, but a battle for Death's affections has cosmic ramifications below the Heavens."

Created and Directed by Michael Cawood, Developed by an online community of artists

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Devils, Angels & Dating

Devils Angels And Dating      
2006 to 2012 - Character based CG Animated Short Film

In 2006 I started devleoping a short computer generated film called 'Devils, Angels and Dating' purely for the love of animated filmmaking. The goal of the art and tech in this project was to produce a film that's so unique and beautiful in every frame that it would catch the attention of someone browsing the internet. Then the charm of the story, characters and animation would keep them hooked for the short running time leaving them wanting more. So this film was made with the internet in mind, fully aware of modern interests and trends.

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This was a world wide collaborative effort with a team of talented volunteer artists and animators that worked together on our own dedicated social network. What's more is that everything we did was available for the world to watch during production, and still to today you can delve into every aspect of the film's creation to see how things were done at our development site. Want to see how a shot was created, including all the animator's and supervisor's notes? It's all there.

The film was released onto YouTube in January of 2012. Since then it has attracted over a million views, a good number of festival screenings, an Award for 'Best Short Film' at the Burbank Film Festival, another for 'Best Animation' at The Indie Fest, a Nomination for 'Best in Festival' at AnimMazSpot, the Orson Welles Award and it was screened at the Holly Shorts Festival taking place at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A Director's Cut was released on Vimeo in October of 2012.




Cupid, Devil and a rather sexy young judge, jury and executioner in the form of Death gather in the After Life War Room, just past Heaven's Gates, to attend to their daily routine of manipulating our lives down on Earth with modern techniques that would put our internet dating generation to shame. Each of them, reluctantly compelled to play out their role in the game of love and life in order to maintain the balance. There's an unspoken attraction in the room and their true contradictory personalities are gradually revealed to each other, when someone gets a bright idea and re-purposes their high tech weapons to turn the tide of war and flip everything on it's head. This is a love triangle with cosmic repercussions!



These video playlists are constantly being updated

Teaser Trailer:Animation WIP
Full Film (Directors Cut):Animation WIP 
Full Film (Original Release):Animation WIP
Animation WIP:Animation WIP
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Animation WIP 5:Animation WIP
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These podcasts track the progress of the project and feature discussions with team mates and animated filmmakers.

  • 1: The Film's Inspiration
  • 2: An Online Collaboration / Composer and Singer Song writer.
  • 3: An interview with Andy Stopford and a guide to the team website.
  • 4: The Director's Filmography and a chat with Iskander Mellakh
  • 5: Director chats with two Full Sail graduates.
  • 6: A chat with Lucas Martell, director of Pigeon Impossible.
  • 7: Justin Barrett, the voice of Devil and Cupid.
  • 8: Director's round table discussion Part 1.
  • 9: Director's round table discussion Part 2.
  • 10: Interview with Softdistortion
  • 11: Modelling with Ryan Hagen
  • 12: Animating with Ryan Hagen and Michael Cawood
  • 13: Why we do things the way we do, with Michael Cawood


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Frustrated and chauvinistic, resentful about the ironic nature of his job. Frustrated and chauvinistic, resentful about the ironic nature of his job.

Cupid was a world weary old man who knows all the tricks. He's spent his youth pursuing ladies then reluctantly fixing them up in order to maintain the balance of the world. So he's missed out on a romance of his own, and he's looking for a partner but the tricks are all he has and he doesn't know anything more than that. There aren't many 1000 year old single angels; most of them have had their breaks in love at some point in their existence. So it's frustrating for him and he's slipped in to a bit of a chauvinistic rut, easily swayed by any perceivable new hope he can get his hands on but rarely using it in a new way. He is well beyond hating his job and wants something on the side to spice his existence up.

Devil is new to this job as he’s replacing someone else that had been there for a long time. So Cupid was number three in the room, suddenly he’s number two and after so long at the bottom of the pecking order his ego has shot up and he’s getting cocky, perhaps even shooting for number one; Death. But deep down he's a lonely soul and isn't very good at hiding it any more, to the point that he's getting a little too friendly with Death. Death can be quite scary at times, so he knows when to stop... most of the time.

He’s the most cunning of the three, and bored of his work he’s more than capable of multi-tasking and teasing the other two, or flirting with Death at the same time as coupling people up. In fact the more he can do to avoid paying attention to the work he’s doing the better he feels.



Cute but reluctantly compelled to do evil.

Devil is young and new to the afterlife but doesn't exactly fit the mould he's been cast into. He wants to find love but he's way too shy to do anything about it. The trouble is, as cute as he may be, he's a devil, so no-one trusts him and he's become very insular. His job is to balance out Cupid by breaking up the matches he makes, but he's not well suited to it and resists it. He's found satisfaction in the perfection he brings to the small things in his life and almost manages to push his job out of his mind most of the time. But this dual life is beginning to show between the cracks; he twitches and shakes the more he tries to control himself.

He’s smart, but single minded. He can focus on things but he will be easily distracted. He’s gullible and naive and more than a bit uptight. He fancies Death but would never normally do anything about it. He’s intimidated by Cupid, and tries to keep a low profile. He hates himself for the role he is compelled to play out, i.e. breaking up the couples Cupid makes. He’d much rather do something else but he can’t stop himself, it’s in his programming... if someone isn’t doing it, he feels compelled to fill in the void.

Devil started out as a teenage centre piece for my CG Short Film, when I dropped the Doorman Character. He's now become a cute devil, and he's designed to stand opposite an older Cupid. I didn't want him to have the obvious horns, so I worked his hair into a horn shape instead. Along the way I realised the hair and his face forms a strong heart silhouette which speaks more to his concealed inner personality.



Inadvertently sexy and sympathetic to Devil's plight.

Death is a career girl, judge and executioner, who's been so focused on the task of delivering death that she's not found time for guys that don’t live up to her standards. In fact she secretly hates her job now and resists every death she must bring, but can't stop for the sake of her compulsion to maintain the balance; she’s the only one with the bigger picture and knows her role in the cycle. She gets quite upset when she has to deliver death but usually hides it well. She doesn't realise she's hot and hasn't really mastered the art of a feminine allure, thanks in a large part to her job. She's looking for something different in her life, a change that brings balance in both the world below and her heart.

She’s actually protective of Devil since he’s the new guy, and defends him from Cupid’s cockiness. She’s also secretly sympathetic to Devil’s pain, but can’t betray it for fear of showing weakness. She’s number one in the room and has to keep order. She’s very smart, and more than capable of fending off Cupid’s advances with dignity and a smile. She’s not at all insecure. She’s not much of a fan of Cupid but she knows she can’t get rid of him as he’s the only one keeping life going, and that’s very important to her.

Death is the newest character to the story and ends up being the love interest for both Cupid and Devil, but she's no damsel in distress and could take them both on if she were to succumb to her instincts. However her resistance to Cupid has distracted her from Master Devil's hidden charms so far and she’s just beginning to fall for him.



Director, Writer, ProducerMichael Cawood
ComposerPhillippe Rey
Narrated byJustin S. Barrett
Art Direction & Designs byMichael Cawood
Storyboard & PrevisualisationMichael Cawood
Technical DirectorsIskander Mellakh
Michael Cawood
Editing, Animatics & TrailerMichael Cawood
Executive ProducerDavid Renaud
Assistant Producer & PublicistShane Davis
Sound MixMichael Newton
Sound Effects EngeneeringMichael Newton
Jay Taylor
Michael Cawood
Noel Gabriel
Layout, Final Layout, Clean Up & Lighting PrepMichael Cawood
Additional LayoutKurt Lawson
Lead Animator & SupervisorMichael Cawood
 Senior AnimatorsMarcus Tee Jin Liang 
  Rafael San Gregorio 
  Ryan Hagen 
  Bryant Tan Wee Loon 
Jon Ambrose
AnimatorsMohammad Sadeh
Edgardo Padilla Jr.
Gabriel Arechiga Hernandez
  Joe Cracchiolo 
  Alok Joshi 
  Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin 
  Dorian Soto 
  David Renaud 
 Chris Page
  Chris Peters 
Amanda Wagner
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Brian Roach
Rick Blankenship
Dapoon Rai Dewan
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Raphael Sousa
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  Gaurav Joshi 
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  William Wright 
  Evelyn Yoa 
  Pradnya Chaudhari 
Nick Gooch
Wes Brewer
Additional Animation byKevin Vassey
Leslie Watters
Snezana Cubrilovic
Ricardo Jost Resende
Dale Cannon
Chamandeep Singh Khokher
Guilherme Gubert
Frederic Djoenaedi
Nathaniel Villanueva
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ModelersArthur Baranov
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Chris Culverwell
Andy Stopford
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Pritish Dogra
Gill Frank
Fil Francis Aquino
Sergio Gardella
Mike Lawler
Jamie Wright
Arun Mathew
Jeffrey Linis
Shane Davis
Trey Waters
Additional Modeling byMichael Vanderhaven
Guru Prasad
Eduardo Cosme Hernández
Marco Pilato
Lead Rigger & SupervisorMichael Cawood
Character RiggingIskander Mellakh
Pert Badillo
Prop RiggingHaseeb Ahmed
Trevor Sommer
Anthony Thompson
Pritish Dogra
Steve Woodruff
AnnMarie Cernoch
Jeffrey Linis
  Gill Frank 
Voice performances byJustin S. Barrett
Tess Snider
Vance Swope
Adrian Casati
Additional VoicesLarissa Ness
Andrea Perry
 Michael Covey
Voice Audio EngineeringAndrea Perry
Kyle Robertson
Lead Effects Artist & SupervisorMichael Cawood
 EffectsAntonio Milo 
  Eric Acosta 
 Iskander Mellakh
AnnMarie Cernoch
 Additional EffectsGreg Ruane 
 Flavio Mandriola
Steve Woodruff
Lead Compositor & SupervisorMichael Cawood
CompositingAntonio Milo
  Eric Acosta 
  Greg Ruane 
Justin Eslinger
Iskander Mellakh
Additional CompositingJohn Mangia
Jon Ambrose
Andy Stopford
Flavio Mandriola
Christopher Page
Frédérik-Andre Savard
Marc-André Ménard
 Lead Lighter & SupervisorMichael Cawood 
LightingKurt Lawson
Eduardo Roa
Andy Stopford
  Antonio Milo 
Greg Ruane
Justin Eslinger
Edith Bouton
John Mangia
Eric Acosta
Misty Dunn
Iskander Mellakh
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Additional lighting bySameer Baloch
Bobby West
AnnMarie Cernoch
Stephanie Newman
 Scripting & Tool DevelopmentIskander Mellakh 
  Michael Cawood 
  Dan Lauer 
  Wesley Howe 
ArtistsKatya Feier
Gill Frank
Ravi Govind
Ryan Hagen
Seth Duckens
James Abels
Iskander Mellakh
Jordi Rubinat Tora
Gary Whitton
Natalie Massone
Nick Gooch
Additional Art bySharath Kumar Jothi
Eduardo Cosme Hernández
Douglas Wilson
Michael Stezycki
Jennie McNeely
 Colour ScriptMichael Cawood 
 Katya Feier
Danielle Holzapfel
Alex Crouch
Shader ArtistsChris Culverwell
Andy Stopford
Sameer Baloch
Charles Lin
Gill Frank
Bobb Strongman
AnnMarie Cernoch
Alex Schauß
Arun Mathew
Tess Snider
Kurt Lawson
Jon Ambrose
Dan Konieczka
Leonardo Banino
Michael Cawood
Additional TexturesFil Francis Aquino
Marco Pilato
Pablovsky Ramos
Jamie Wright
AdministratorsMichael Cawood
Gill Frank
Shane Davis
Iskander Mellakh
Rendering SetupMichael Cawood
Kurt Lawson
Shane Davis
 Render Node ContributorsMichael Cawood 
  Kurt Lawson 
  Shane Davis 
  Lucas Martell 
  Marcus Tee 
  Iskander Mellakh 
  Emily Cawood 
Reference ActorsMichael Cawood
Emily Cawood
Tony Casati
Shannon Casati
Production AssistentLeina Cochrane
Festival Run ContributorsWesley Howe
Larry Kleinkemper
Joshua Ryan
Michael Newton
  Luc Adriaens 
Trailer Composer & Development ScoreStoyan Ganev
 Trailer Sound EffectsJay Taylor 
  Michael Cawood 
Trailer Sound MixMichael Newton
"Where have you been my whole Afterlife" byAndrea Perry
Podcast Music byLarissa Ness
  Andrea Perry 
Additional Music byKyle Robertson
Jay Taylor
Blake West
Benedict Johnson
Video Camera OperatorsShane Davis
Nick Southam
Emily Cavasar
Michael Cawood
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Mai Nagasawa
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Additional thanks toKeith Lango
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  Joaquin Baldwin 
Vikram Pandya
Richard Bentley
Savio Fernandes
Anthony Paul Scalmato
Aauga 3D Users Group
Austin Sketch Night Group
Render Pal

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