Irene Parkins

The thing’s I’m most impressed about Michael are his multiple talents and his passion for animation. He is a Filmmaker, Animator, Previs Artist, Postvis Artist and a good friend. His passion is contagious. He’s always using his talents for something. His Podcasts and ideas are always helpful to the animation industry. His short films are inspiring and wonderfully done. He’s a great story teller and I enjoyed hearing all his funny stories during our lunches. Besides being a joy to work with, Michael is a take charge kind of guy who is able to handle any task with speed and accuracy. He’s great at solving technical problems and was very helpful to many of us transitioning to working from home. No matter how busy he is, Michael is always willing to help. I highly recommend Michael. He is a true talent and would make a great asset to any studio.

About the Author:
Michael Cawood is a multi-award winning British Animated Filmmaker with a broad skill set. Having worked in animation since 1994, he's created Films, Commercials, Games, Short Films and Animated Series.

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