Video ThumbnailProduction Company: Director/Creative Directors: Jonathan Garin and Naomi Nishimura Story by: Jonathan Garin and Naomi Nishimura Character Design: Kim Dulaney, Ignacio Maroto, Naomi, Nishimura Design: Kim Dulaney, Ivy Tai 3D Modeling: Lucy Choi, Ari Seoyeon Hwang, Jeong Hyo Kim 3D Texturing/Shading: Lucy Choi, Ari Seoyeon Hwang, Jeong Hyo Kim, Mirelle Underwood Previs: Ian Brauner, Nick Dubois, Doug Rappin Lead Character Animator: Jamil Lahham 3D Animation: Jon Burke, Nick Dubois, Dave Han, Han Hu, Gyuhyum "Q" Kim, Hee Jin Kim, Henning Koczy, Jamil Lahham, Domel Libid, Doug Litos, Joe Mandia, Hillary McCarthy, Peter McEvoy, Matty Parent, Doug Rappin, Mike Sime, Cesar Tafoya, Shendy Wu CG Supervisors: Adam Burke, Raphael Matto 3D Lighting: Mirelle Underwood 3D Rigging: Jason Bikofsky, Jonas Lilja, Phuwit "Golf" Tipyakanont, Rafael Villar 3D Cloth and Hair: Jason Bikofsky, Phuwit "Golf" Tipyakanont Compositing Lead: Navid Bagherzadeh Compositing: Navid Bagherzadeh, TingTing Li Editing: Moss Levenson, Kevin Park 3D Tracking: Stephen Hill IT: Evan Harper, Craig Zimmerman Producers: Amy Fahl, Steve Intrabartola, Mariya Shikher Libid Live Action: Director: Jonathan Garin and Naomi Nishimura Assistant Director: Shane Kalman Art Department: Janet Kim, Keiko Miyamori, Junko Shimizu Director of Photography: Christopher Keohane Assistant Cameraman: Paul Storey Motion Control Operator: Hans Chew CG Supervisor: Raphael Matto P.A.: Matt Marlin, Kenji Ryuko Sound Design Company: Sound Design: Henry Boy Sound Editing and Mix: Kevin Park Voice Over Record and Casting: Talkback Casting and Directing Voice Director: Amanda Wyatt Audio Engineer: James Heraz Voice Over Artists: Abby: Cassandra Morris Boofer: Roger Craig Smith Roboto: Dave B. Mitchell Ryan: Yuri Lowenthal Voidmaster: Roger Craig Smith Music: Eggplant Collective Composer: Stefano D'Angelo
Short Film
Panda Panther


It's exciting to see this emerge online. I really wish I could say I was more involved in this but I have to give that credit to the team at Panda Panther. I was an Animation Director for the company and did a little character design and rigging supervision in the early stages of production. But ultimately I moved on to other projects before it really got into the main production period.

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