Call of Duty: Black Ops III Commercial
Energizer Bunny
Mario Odyssey Commercial
The Great Happyfication
Rock Band 2: Cinematic
Singapore Navy: Be Somebody
Pokemon Sun & Moon Commercial
Volkswagon Illustrated Commercial
Devils, Angels & Dating: Trailer
Skylanders Giants: Trailer
Volkswagon Emoji Commercial
Green Team – Mobile Rebates
Skylanders: Swap Force
Rock Band 2: Teaser
Churchill Insurance
Microsoft HoloLens – Previs
Tenkai Knights: Website Intro
Vodafone: Texts UNLTD
Ark VFX: Company Reel
Ark VFX: Company Teaser
Renault Megane Sport
Toyota Auris: More Room for Life
Perfect Dark Zero: Walk through trailer
Perfect Dark Zero: DLC Trailer
Kameo: Attract Mode Trailer
Kameo: DLC Trailer
Kameo: X04 Trailer
Bud Light
Kameo: X03 Trailer
Kameo: E3 Trailer
Tenkai Knights: Product Demo
Archer: Software Demo
B.I.T. Commercial